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IV. China Contributes to a Better World

China cannot develop in isolation from the rest of the world, nor can the world as a whole maintain peace, development, prosperity and stability without China. China will do well only when the world does well, and vice versa. China continues to place its own development in the coordinate system of human development, seeing that its future is closely connected with that of the rest of the world and the interests of the Chinese people are integrated with the common interests of the peoples of other countries. China is always a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a guardian of global order, contributing Chinese wisdom and strength to building a global community of shared future and developing a better world.
1. Promoting world peace and development through our own development
As the largest developing country in the world, we remain fully committed to following our own path and managing our own affairs well by pooling resources. This is how we can make our country more prosperous and our people happier, and infuse stability and certainty into the complex and volatile world. That in itself is our biggest contribution to world peace and development.
Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, China will continue to forge ahead on its socialist path. We have committed to a people-centered approach and given top priority to development. We have implemented the five-sphere integrated plan to advance economic, political, cultural, social and ecological development, and the four-pronged comprehensive strategy to complete a moderately prosperous society in all respects, further reform, advance the rule of law and strengthen Party discipline. We should strive to build China into a strong, modern socialist country and march towards national rejuvenation.
China places economic development at the center of its national rejuvenation, promotes high-quality development and pursues with firmness of purpose the new vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open and inclusive development. We will accelerate the modernization of our economy to better meet people's ever-growing needs for a better life. Comprehensive reform of the economic system will be furthered to make sure that the market plays a decisive role in resource allocation and the government performs its functions better. We will push forward supply-side structural reform to provide endogenous impetus for sound and sustained economic development. We will continue to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, grasp the development opportunities presented by digitalized, networked and intelligent development, increase protection of intellectual property rights, expand our capability and strength in innovation, and create new drivers of growth. China will advance science and technology to benefit more people, expand international cooperation to allow other countries to share its scientific and technological achievements, and bring more benefits to people across the world through technological innovation.
Seeking a better life for the Chinese people has always been the primary goal for China. We will intensify efforts to secure and improve standards of living, allowing all people to benefit more fairly and thoroughly from the fruits of reform and development. We will reinforce targeted poverty alleviation and elimination to ensure that extreme poverty is basically eliminated by the end of 2020, thus enabling the people to better enjoy the fruits of economic growth and making a new contribution to global poverty reduction. China actively follows the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, remains firm in its commitment to promoting green development, and speeds up the application of eco-friendly growth models and ways of life. It takes a leading role in international cooperation in response to climate change, advances green, low-carbon, circular and sustainable development all over the world, and endeavors to protect the common homeland of humanity.
The Chinese military is a resolute defender of world peace. In the new era, China continues to pursue a defense policy that is defensive in nature, and stays committed to building a strong military with Chinese features, and solid national defense and armed forces that are commensurate with China's international status and in compliance with national security and development interests. The Chinese army faithfully adheres to the concept of a global community of shared future, actively fulfills the international responsibilities of the armed forces of a major country, and comprehensively advances international military cooperation in the new era. Therefore, the Chinese military serves as a strategic safeguard for world peace and development, and contributes to building a better world of lasting peace and common security.
2. Pursuing mutually beneficial cooperation and common development
Only through mutually beneficial cooperation and common development can we make significant and sustainable achievements that are beneficial to all. Some countries are getting richer while others are becoming poorer, which makes it impossible to maintain lasting peace and prosperity around the world. Our Chinese people hope for a better life not only for ourselves, but also for the people of the rest of the world. China will strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries to promote exchanges and mutual learning, and narrow the development gap, embarking on a path leading to fair, open, comprehensive, innovative and shared progress.
Pursuing innovative development, interconnected growth and converging interests. China will seek to create new sources of economic growth and foster new drivers of growth through international exchanges and cooperation. We will further strengthen coordination on macro policies and connectivity in development plans with other countries to draw on each other's strengths, increase positive spillover effects, and reduce negative external impacts. We will advance opening up and cooperation in a more inclusive way, pursue both current and long-term interests, and give consideration to the interests of other countries while pursuing our own, making the cake bigger and sharing it fairly to ensure equity and justice. China will help rebalance the world economy and ensure that the gains made benefit more people. We welcome the people of other countries aboard the express train of China's development, and endeavor to help more emerging market and developing economies better integrate into the global industrial, supply and value chains, thus sharing the benefits of economic globalization.
Promoting high-quality development along the Belt and Road. The Belt and Road Initiative is a platform for building a global community of shared future, acting as a "boat" and "bridge" to promote world peace and development. China will join forces with all parties concerned to follow the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and uphold open and green development and clean government. We will pursue high standards, sustainability, and a better life for the people. In promoting high-quality development along the Belt and Road, we will jointly make this initiative an open, green, and innovative path to peace, prosperity and cultural exchanges. We aim to create opportunities for all countries and enable more people to enjoy a better life. The Belt and Road is an initiative for economic cooperation, not one for geopolitical or military alliance. It is an open and inclusive process that neither targets nor excludes any party. Rather than forming exclusionary blocks, it aims to help China and the rest of the world jointly seize opportunities and pursue common development. It is intended to avoid ideological demarcation, zero-sum games, or any of the "traps". We welcome any country which is willing to participate.
Advancing global poverty reduction. Eliminating poverty remains the biggest challenge facing the world today. To realize the UN goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030, it is critical for all countries to make concerted efforts. China advocates that developed countries increase assistance to developing countries and the latter enhance endogenous impetus for development, so as to accelerate the process of global poverty reduction. We actively implement the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, enhance international cooperation in poverty reduction, support the UN and the World Bank in continuing their important role in global poverty reduction, and promote a mutually beneficial model of international exchanges and cooperation in poverty reduction. China concerns itself with the problems of poverty-stricken countries and wants to help those people living in hunger and poverty. It strives to help developing countries – especially the least developed – to improve their capacity for self-development by providing foreign aid and debt relief and increasing imports and investment. We will continue to contribute wisdom and strength to global issues including poverty alleviation and reduction, disease prevention and control, and refugee relief, letting the sunlight of common development dispel the shadow of poverty and backwardness and illuminate a future of shared prosperity.

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primary ['praiməri]


adj. 主要的,初期的,根本的,初等教育的

military ['militəri]


adj. 军事的
n. 军队

participate [pɑ:'tisipeit]


vt. 分享
vi. 参加,参与

guardian ['gɑ:diən]


n。 保护人,监护人

concept ['kɔnsept]


n。 概念,观念

response [ri'spɔns]


n. 回答,响应,反应,答复
n. [宗

assistance [ə'sistəns]


n。 帮助,援助

promote [prə'məut]


vt。 促进,提升,升迁; 发起; 促销

social ['səuʃəl]


adj. 社会的,社交的
n. 社交聚会

willing ['wiliŋ]


adj. 愿意的,心甘情愿的








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